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T7S Platform LogoAnyone familiar with the concept of a lending platform has willingly or unwillingly been faced with the fact that this is all a pyramid platform where the creators can exit scam whenever they feel like it. BitConnect did it. Davor did it. Who knows which one’s next? We are here to change that. Read on for our whitepaper.

T7S lending platform is totally unique in its own way. We are aiming to be a fully transparent and community driven lending platform that defies the standard pyramid model and make an upper level exit scam worthless.

With our transparent lending platform structure we are taking the power away from the top and distributing it evenly throughout our user base. The difference between other platforms and this lending platform is that we plan to structure it in a way that there will be 7 lending platforms within one, with different rates for what suits your preference best. With this we aim to become the highest daily paying lending platform there is. This whitepaper tries to make that as clear as possible.


T7S Platform StructureWhen our ICO ends, all of the TSS tokens will be duplicated 1:1 in an internal airdrop of a total of 7 different tokens, all linked to our lending platform. One token for each of the 7 platforms we are going to launch (see Structure PDF).

The tokens will be: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. The main platform will be named Purgatory with the name of our internal trading platform Sinister. Internal tokens can only be bought and sold inside Sinister for other internal tokens or for TSS. TSS can be traded in ETH, ADA, ETC, BTC, NAV, LTC and BCASH (Tether or similar will be added in future). TSS will also be the token we add to different exchanges and are tradeable there. We currently work with 6 exchanges and all are positive. Each of the tokens will have different platform uses with different bonus systems, reward outcomes, earnings and purpose. Tokens from the platforms can only be traded on the internal trading platform Sinister and is traded only by the community itself.

The main platform will be named “Purgatory” with our internal trading platform “Sinister”. Each of the tokens will have different platform use, with different bonus systems, reward outcomes, earnings and purpose. Tokens from the platforms can only be traded on the internal trading platform “Sinister” and is traded only by the community itself.

This is a preview of how we might set the rates and the different bonus structures:

  • Lust
    Will have a porn theme. It will be with a fixed rate at 1.25% for 66 days, where the money is tied to the platform and you are forced to hold the contract until the end date.
  • Greed
    Will have money and wealth as a theme. It will be with a fixed rate at 1.5% for 120 days. You can stop it whenever you want and pay a fee of 50%. No bonus – with normal reinvest function (not auto).
  • Sloth
    Will have a lazy theme. It will have a rate of 0.5-1.5% with a reinvest function, where the money is locked for 150 days. If you don’t remember to reinvest or cash out to tokens you lose the next day’s payout. You can have auto reinvest for a 10% fee.
  • Wrath
    Will have a theme of anger and rage. The rate is fixed all the way at 0.8%, but with a twist. Every day you can gamble with a dice and get everything for 0 to 1,5% extra. Auto reinvest function can be turned on with a 10% fee.
  • Envy
    Will have a public theme where everyone is able to see everything and whatever other people earn and have as holdings. You will be able to see all top 100 contracts (we don’t share the smart contract, and we also remove a bit from nicknames) The rate is different from day to day and person to person.
  • Pride
    Will be a lot like envy where it’s public, but the rates are different, varying from 1% with 5 different packs with different bonus systems on top of them.
  • Gluttony
    Will have gambling as a theme, and play around the aspect of addiction. This package will have the highest payouts, with the ability to change contracts – with more.
  • Purgatory
    This is gonna be the main system and the main platform. Here you can have packs with high values and 80-225 time durations. Early sellouts will be possible, but for a fee.

If the outcome is that our ICO doesn’t sell out we will burn all the tokens that are left except for the 540,000 TSS that we as developers will take as our first and only salary for the platform. After that, 540,000 will be given out to exchanges for the volume and to gain momentum. This is something we do for our investors and doesn’t gain us in any way. We also have more of these treats:

  • For every 666 minutes (11 hours) that pass it will be giving out bonuses to random active platform users which have contracts running. This will be paid in ETH on a smart contract where the price varies from 66-666$.
  • If/when 66% of the tokens sell out we will officially open up a contest for a customer to get a ticket for the shot to call himself a proud owner of a new V12 motor car. This will only be for ICO investors. The Sinister calls it “El Diablo” and who know what he means with that?

Now you might be thinking, how are they gonna do all of this? This is our strategy: the lending platform will be the first thing to launch, where we are going to keep it very simple for everyone. With a big project like this it is essential for us to be sure that everybody understands our vision and the goals that we aim for.

With the first platform launch people will see what we can deliver and people can start earning money. With each platform that gets launched the value of TSS tokens will grow with them.

The reason that we chose to have multiple platforms is to make the main platform more evenly profitable to everyone, since our sin platforms use a “novalue” token until the contract is terminated at the end date.

When all of our 7 platforms are up and running we are planning on releasing the golden egg of our project: Silver City. Read more about that in the next paragraph.

Silver City

When Silver City is launched we will combine all of the 7 platforms and the internal exchange platform into one, where we now aim to combine our platform into a real virtual game with good graphics and lots of new futures. We have a lot of ideas on our sheet, but not all of them are possible to do at once.

Our easiest way of making you imagine our goal is to think of The Sims in heaven and hell, online, with the ability to walk around, do works and task to earn yourself tokens, or go to the virtual casino and bet your token to the God of Chance.

It will be possible to buy land, build a house, start your own company, earn money, be a thief, be a president, start your own governent, start your own cryptocurrency, be arrested, sell houses, sell shoes, meet new friends, start a newspaper and of course buy things from real life stores, order a vacation and everything else you can imagine doing in real life. It will be a virtual world just like the real world we know today!

As you may understand, this is a huge project, but the work has already started, and we look towards the future with high hopes. If we can pull this off with you on our team we are looking into being a top 25 or even top 10 coin before 2019.

That is what we are aiming for, and nothing else is acceptable

ICO Information

The developers will receive ETH, ETC, ADA, BCH, NAV, XMR and BTC from:

Pre ICO / ICO / Platform fees

Platform fees are divided into 3 parts:

1. Developers
2. Future development
3. Community distribution

1 ETH will be worth 1025 TSS in Phase 1

We have chosen to not use any refferal bonus and instead use those money to make sure its a steady grow and a steady platform. We believe this will be better for the majority instead of having a few to take all the gains. It will also be a random bonus to ICO buyers. The ICO ends on the 17th of may to honor Lazzlo and his pizza order that made all this possible. The platform will be launched on the 22nd of may: The pizza day.

The Sinister

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